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Halogen Free Flame retardant Compound RC HF1012


RC HF101 2 is a thermoplastic low smoke, halogen free and flame retardant po lyolefin oil resistant compound .


RC HF 1012 has the following features:

·It can work at low temperatures of 40

·Has better physical properties

·Oil resistivity


ItemsUnitTest methodTypical Value
Densityg/cm3ISO 1183 11.5
PH value --IEC 607545.4
Tensile strength MPaISO 52712.5
Elongation at break %205
Ageing(110  2 1 68h)-change of tensile strength%IEC60811-11+11
-change of e longation-9
Immersion in 902# oil(704h)-change of tensile strength%IEC60811-2-1-25
-change of e longation-16
Brittleness temperature 40 CISO 974Pass
Smoke density --ISO5659-2 
-non flame 334
-flame 68
Oxygen index %ISO4589-235
Volume resistivity 2 0 Ω·mIEC-600936.0 × 1 0 11
Dielectric strength MV/mIEC60243-126
Conductivity μS/mm 1.1


RC HF 1012 is widely applied to the sheath of power cables, control cables, signal cables and other cables. Especially for the cable using at low temperatures.


Normal extruding machine is applicable. It is recommended to use low compression ratio screw with length diameter ratio L/D  20 and compression ratio 1.2~1.5 to improve cable production efficiency. The recommended setting temperatures for each zone of the extrud er are as f o llows:



It must be stored at clean, dry and ventilated warehouses
Shelf Life:12 months.


Net weight: 25kg/bag


keep away from the sunshine, rain and soaking during transport as well as handle gently during carrying If the material is stored in the warehouse for more than two months, please ventilate and dry it at 60~70 for at least 2 hours before using it..


The above information is provided as guidelines only. It is important that the customer evaluate any product in their own system to determine suitability .