PVC Resin

This thermoplastic high-molecular polymer is made by the suspension polymerization of vinyl chloride monomer. It is insoluble into water, gasoline and alcohol, swelled or dissolved into ether, ketone, chlorinated aliphatic hydrocarbons, and aromatic hydrocarbon, high resistance to corrosion, and good dielectric property.
Used for medical, food packaging films, matt finish products, calendaring films, electric wires, cables, artificial leathers, soft profiles, hoses, cable insulation, high-strength tubes, sandals, etc.


Physical Test Method Typcal Value
K Value
ISO 1628-2
Viscosity Index
ISO 1628-2
122 ml/g
Number of Impurity Particle
Volatiles content (include water)
ISO 1269
≤0.40 %
Appearing Density
≥ 0.45 g/ ml
Residual after Sieve (Mesh 0.25mm)
ISO 4610 Permanent Deformation after Cooling
≤2.0 %
Residual after Sieve (Mesh 0.063mm)
ISO 4610
≥ 90 %
Number of Grain/400cm2
≤ 40

Storage and Transport

Transport requirement Keep away from the sunshine, rain and soaking during transport, Transport requirement as well as handle gently during carrying.
Storage Environment
Clean, dry and ventilated warehouses.
To be used

Within 12 months