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BCCL-505H Anti-Cracking LSZH Flame-Retardant Thermoplastic Sheathing Compound


This Anti-Cracking non-halogen, low smoke, highly flame retardant, low corrosive, low toxic, and thermoplastic compound is designed for general-purpose cable sheath applications. Used as sheath, it can pass the IEC60332-3, test for vertical flame spread of vertically mounted bunched wires or cables. Cable construction, of course, plays an important role in flame performance. It can be used as a sheath on cables operating at up to 90℃ with excellent fire safety characteristics and a good balance of properties. It is suitable for the power cable, especially big specification low-smoke nonhalogen flame-retardant power cable which lays down in the non-open-air situation.


-Excellent Anti-Cracking characteristic
- Highly flame retardant
- Low smoke, low corrosion and low toxicity
- Ease of extrusion and no special screw required
- Environmentally friendly (lead free, halogen-free, sulfur/antimony-free)
- UV resistant


Properties Units Typcal Value Test Method
Density g/cm3 1.48 ASTM D-792
Shore A/D hardness(15s/1s) A/D 95/51 IEC 60811-1-3
Tensile strength MPa 12.0 IEC 60811-1-1
Elongation at break % 190 IEC 60811-1-1
After ageing in air oven (100℃×168 h) IEC 60811-1-2
-Tensile strength MPa 13.6
-Elongation at break % 170
Heat deformation (90℃×4 h) % 8 BS 6469
Heat shock test 150℃ Pass IEC 60811-3-1
Cold impact test 25℃ Pass ISO 974
Anti-Cracking test No crack 130℃×5kg×1h
Volume resistivity at 20 ℃ Ω·m 3.6×1011 IEC 60093
Dielectric strength MV/m 30 IEC 60243-1
Limited oxygen index 35 ISO 4589-2
Smoke density – flame 94 ASTM E662
-non-flame 340
Acidic(corrosive)gases evolved
-Level of HCl mg/g 0 IEC 60754-1
-pH 6.0 IEC 60754-2
-Conductivity µS/mm 0.62

Process Techniques

Zoon Feeder Head (Die)
Temp.℃ 95~105 125~135 135~145 145~155 155~165 155~165

It can be processed on a wide range of commercially available cable fabrication equipment and screw types. A single flight PE metering screw with feed, transition and metering sections is recommended for most applications. Adequate output and torque limits are key determining factors for screw selection. A very low compression (1.2:1 type) screw can be used successfully if a breaker plate and 40/60 mesh screen pack are used to generate backpressure. Based on tests completed on 90mm, 25:1 standard extruder, the following typical conditions are recommended as a starting point. However, it may be necessary to optimize conditions for a given set of construction, extruder-screw configuration and tooling.

Packing 25kgs/bag or customized
Transport requirement Keep away from the sunshine, rain and soaking during transport, as well as handle gently during carrying.
Storage Environment Clean, dry and ventilated warehouses.
To be used Within 12 months upon manufacturing date