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BCCX-4244S Silane Cross-linkable, LSZH Flame-Retardant Compound for Photovoltaic Insulation


BCCX-4244S is a special XLPE insulation compound for Solar cable inner insulation up to 15kV. It is a type of warm water cross linking insulation material applied for low voltage (up to 15kV) wires and cables and has the following advantages: excellent electrical insulation properties, anti -aging ability and tensile strength; the highest continuous working temperature is 90 ℃; it has excellent lowtemperature brittleness properties.




Properties Units Typcal Value
Density g/cm3 1.05±0.02
Tensile Strength Mpa ≥13.5
Elongation at break % ≥350
Low Temperature Impact Brittle (-76℃) - ≤15/30
Air Oven Heat Aging, 135±2℃, 168h Variation ratio of Tensile Strength % ≤±20
Variation ratio of Elongation ≤±20
Hot Set 200℃, 0.2 Mpa, 15min Elongation at Load ≤100
Permanent Deformation after Cooling % ≤5
50Hz, 20℃ Dielectric Constant - ≤2.35
Dielectric Loss Angle Factor - ≤0.001
Volume Resistivity (1kV、200℃) Ω·m ≥1.0×1014
Dielectric Strength MV/m ≥25
Gelation Content ≥60

Process Techniques

Extruding techniques

The recommended setting temperatures for each zone of the extruder are as follows:

Screw Neck Flange Die
160℃-190℃ 190℃ 190℃ 195℃-210℃

The above temperature is reference temperature, due to equipment differences, screw compression ratio difference, customer should choose suitable temperature according to their own equipment condition.


(1) A material must be used up within 24 hours after open the bag.

(2) Catalyst can be use normally after drying if package slight damage. Drying condition:70-75 ℃, 2.5-3hours.

Packing, Storage & Transport

1. Packing: A material: 23.75kgs/bag, B material: 1.25kgs/bag

2. Transport requirement: Keep away from the sunshine, rain and soaking during transport, as well as handle gently during carrying.

3. Storage Environment: Clean, dry and ventilated warehouses.

4. To be used within 6 months upon manufacturing date & within 8 hours after the inner packaging is opened.