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BCCX-TGWJ3 Silane Cross-Linkable, LSZH Flame-Retardant Compound for Photovoltaic Sheath


BCCX-TGWJ3 is based on polyolefin, the special flame retardant is mixed by special process, after mixing the catalyst masterbatch (mass ratio 25:5). It is extruded and formed by single -screw extruder, it can be used for solar cable sheath. Cross-linking by warm water or under nature conditions (depending on the climate). The customer decides according to the actual situation. This grade is compliant to EN 50618 and passed all properties.




Properties Units Typcal Value Test Method
Density g/cm3 1.48 ASTM D-792
Tensile Strength Before Crosslinking Mpa 11.5 IEC60811-1-1
Elongation Before crosslinking % 200 IEC60811-1-1
Tensile Strength After Crosslinking Mpa 12.5 IEC60811-1-1
Elongation After Crosslinking % 220 IEC60811-1-1
After Aging Condition 158±2*168h IEC60811-1-1
Retention of tensile strength % 10
Retention of E % -16
Dielectric Strength MV/m 32 IEC60520
Low temperature Impact Brittle Property -40 IEC60811-1-4
20℃ Volume Resistivity Ω·-cm ≥1.0×1012 IEC60167
Oxygen Index % ≥30 ISO4589-2
Hot Set 200℃ and 0.2Mpa for 15min Elongation at Load 45 IEC60811-2-1
Permanent Deformation after Cooling 0
Smoke Density -flame 50 ASTM E-662
-non-flame 210
Halogen Acid Gas Content Mg/g ≤5 IEC50267-2-1
Electrical Conductivity Us/mm 0.5 IEC50267-2-2
Toxicity Index 1 NES713

Process Techniques

Extruding techniques

After even mixing, it can be extruded by the extruder L/D 18-25. It is recommended to use low smoke halogen free screw with a compression ratio of 1.2-1.5, the extruder must have a good temperature control system.
The recommended setting temperatures for each zone of the extruder are as follows:

Feed Zone Compress on Zone Metering Zone Extruder Head Die Max. Melt Temperature
110℃±5℃ 120℃± 5℃ 130℃±5 ℃ 140℃± 5℃ 140℃ ±5℃ 150℃

The above temperature is reference temperature, due to equipment differences, screw compression ratio difference, customer should choose suitable temperature according to their own equipment condition. Finally, it is better to control the melt temperature within 150 degrees.


(1) The product consists of two parts: a silane crosslink halogen-free low smoke flame retardant polyolefin cable material (material A)/25kgs, and a catalyst masterbatch (material B)/5kgs. Mix the two with ratio of 25:5 when used.

(2) Ensure the catalyst master batch is evenly dispersed in the material A to prevent the partial amount of catalyst too large or too small. It affects the crosslinking quality. If you need to add the color masterbatch, mix the dry color masterbatch evenly.

(3) Arrange the material before line of working, the surface of the melt is smooth and delicate, and it can be stretched to go online, As the surface of the melt is rough, the extrusion temperature can be properly reduced, the temperature of the melt is controlled at around 145 degrees, too high temperature can cause pre-crosslinking of materials and get point, too low may cause poor plasticization.

(4) Package breakage is strictly prohibited, if the remaining material are not used in the process of use, the package is sealed immediately. It should not be exposed to the air for a long time and used in 8 hours. otherwise the material should be scrapped. If any component is found to be damaged or leaked, it is strictly forbidden to mix.

(5) As far as possible, the residence time of the material in the barrel can be shortened. If the residence time is long, the material will be discharged before the surface is smooth.

(6) If you add color masterbatch, you can choose our special color masterbatch, or use color masterbatch after drying and mix evenly.

(7) Ensure the equipment cooling system is normal and effective.

(8) The material is quite sensitive to moisture and temperature, so the package is moisture-proof, customers don’t need to pre-dry the material, open the package mix can be used.

Packing, Storage & Transport

Packing A material: 25kgs/bag, B material: 5kgs/bag
Transport requirement Keep away from the sunshine, rain and soaking during transport, as well as handle gently during carrying.
Storage Environment Clean, dry and ventilated warehouses.
To be used Within 6 months upon manufacturing date