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Halogen Free Flame retardant Compound RC HF1014


RC HF 1014 is a low smoke and haloge n free thermoplastic compound This product is made from EVA, POE as the main base material, mixed with inorganic flame retardant, lubricant, antioxidant etc. The product burns halogen free acid gasemission and with extremely low smoke. And i t matches the ROSH REACH standard.


RC HF 1014 has the following features:
·It can work at high temperatures of 90
·Low smoke, low corrosion, and low toxicity
·I t has a higher oxygen index

  UnitTest methodTypical Value
Appearance ----particle
Density g/cm3ISO 1183-11.56
PH value --IEC 607545.2
Tensile strength MPaISO5279.5
Elongation at break; %150
Ageing(110  2 1 68h)Change of tensile strength%IEC60811-1+5
Change of e longation-8
Brittleness temperature CISO 974-40 PASS
Smoke densitynon flame--ISO 5659-2168
Oxygen index %ISO 4589-242
DC Volume resistivity (20 C) Ω·mIEC-600933.7 × 1011
Electric strength MV/mIEC 60243-125
Conductivity μS/mmIEC 607541.1


RC HF 1014 is applied to high requirement of resistance to power cable, control cable and others for oxygen resisting inside layers.


Normal extruding machine is applicable; can extruding in a normal PVC screw. In order to enhance producti vity, when the screw compressor in lower but more gum
productivity, LD>20 compression ratio 1:2:1 is recommended. Melt extrusion
temperatures are recommended as follow show.



clean, dry and ventilated warehouses Shelf
Life:12 months..


Net weight:25kg/bag


keep away from the sunshine, rain and soaking during transport as well as handle gently during carrying


The above information is provided as guidelines only. It is important that the customer evaluate any product in their own system to determine suitability .