Epoxidized Soyben Oil

Rigid and Flexible PVC in Extrusion,Calendering,Injection Moulding and Casting Compound,Film,Footwear,Artificial Leather,Sheet,board,Flooring,Table Cover,Wallpaper,Wire&Cable, Pipe&Tube,Paints,Household,Profile,Inflatable Toys,Ink and Paint...etc.
CAS:8013-07-8 EINECS:232-391-0
Epoxy Value
Molecular Formula:C 57 H 106 O 10
Molecular Weight:1000
Iodine Value
3-5 gl 2 /100g



  • Non-Toxic,complied with SGS 18P,REACH SVHC,Rohs and Pahs..etc.
Acid value
≤0.5 mgKOH/g
  • Food Grade and Deodorization available
Flash Point
  • Low Volatility for better stability in PVC Flexible Products
0.998 g/cm 3 @20℃
  • Good Performance in Migration and Extraction Resistance
Heat Loss
≤0.5 @125℃ /2h
  • Excellent Thermal Stability and Weather Resistance;Oil and Water resistance
Thermal Stability
≥ 6% @177℃ /3h
  • The Molecular Weight is 1000 as a good plasticizer
Color Pt-Co
  • Excellent for Transpency Requirement
  • Improve Processability for mechanical and physical properties
Refractive Index
1.4710-1.4750 @25℃
  • NExcellent synergistic effect when mixing together with metal series stabilizers
325-400 @25℃ ,m.pa.s
  • Properly reducing the usage of Plasticizer,Stabilizer and Lubricant when using ESO