About Us

This adventure started when experts who had served the cable and plastic raw material industry for years came together to form an innovative team. Etik Plast joined the team to bring innovation to the cable and plastic raw material industry. We bring products never tried before, which reduce costs significantly and improve quality, to Turkey. We differ from others by ensuring development of the cable production industry and providing a competitive edge to our customers against their rivals in terms of price and quality. We are encouraged and inspired by the uninterrupted use of our products by our customers who trust us. The significant cost reduction brought by the new target products that we recently introduced to the market while preserving quality, and their acceptance by major companies enabled the young Etik Plast to grow in a short period of time.

At Etik Plast, we uninterruptedly preserve our innovative approach by maintaining the quality of our products that we have supplied so far, and following technological developments in the sector. With continued contributions to the sector, we are carrying on research and development efforts for products aimed at increasing quality at affordable prices. By examining the demands received from our Customers, we are striving to carry out necessary researches scrupulously and are committed to providing flawless and timely services to accommodate their needs.