Disperion Agent

SP - 4523 dispersion viscosity agent can be widely used in plastic PVC products, pigment paste and other industrial fields.
PVC wire and cable; Light box advertising, PVC cloth; PVC film; PVC plastic flooring;
PVC shoes; PVC artificial leather; PVC transport belt PVC wallpaper, The pigment paste.
SP - 4523 is a suitable for thickening of the plastic PVC additives, in PVC soft products has the following features:
1. Improve the pigment dispersion, especially carbon black, phthalocyanine blue, to get better color and color brightness;
2. PVC soft products, efficiently dispersed filler, which gives better mechanical properties;
3. Improve the liquidity of plasticized PVC system;
4. Effectively lower the viscosity of the plasticized PVC system, improve the system for the amount of packing, and reduce the cost.
5. Reduce or eliminate the PVC paste resin system solvent oil use, protect the environment

Technical Parameter

Item Unit Indicator


Amber viscous liquid
specific gravity (25°C J)
0.90 -0.93
moisture content ( 5' )
Flash point ( )
Mineral oil
viscosity ( 25°C J)
1500 -3500