Yukarı Çık

Double-side fiberglass enhanced synthetic mica tape


It is used for fire-resistance layer and temperature enhanced layer in the fire-resistant and high temperature-resistance cable. It is the best quality fire proof and fire-resistance material.


1. Double-side fiberglass enhanced synthetic mica tape have the more stronger tensile strength, is suitable to high speed warping.
2. It has good refractoriness, acid and alkali resistance, corona resistance, anti-radiation characteristics.

Note: Special size product could be supplied according customer's requirements.

Technical Parameter

ItemUnit Test StandardValueNormal Thicknessmm!EC 63071-20.13mm-0.16mmTolerancemm!EC 63071-20.015mmTotal Substanceg/m'!EC 63071-2180-220Mica Contentg/m'!EC 63071-2110-160Film Contentg/m'!EC 63071-224±2 (double-side)Bond Content%!EC 63071-2> 11Tensile StrengthN/cm!EC 63071-2> 80Breakdown voltageK v!EC 63071-2> 1Fire temperature·c!EC 63071-2> 1000


  1. Pad packing
  2. Inside diameter : 54mm , 58mm , 76mm , 83mm , 105mm

    Outside diameter : 300mm-600mm

    Width : 4mm-1000mm

  3. Spool packing
  4. Inside diameter : 76mm

    Outside diameter : 250-500mm

    Height : 100mm-400mm

    Width : 4mm-1000mm