Epoxidezed Fatty Acids Methyl Ester

Flexible PVC in Extrusion,Calendering,Injection Moulding and Casting Compound,Film,Footwear,Artificial Leather,Sheet,board,Flooring,Table Cover,Wallpaper,Wire&Cable, Pipe&Tube,Paints,Household,Profile,Inflatable Toys...etc.
CAS:68082-35-9 EINECS:232-391-0
Epoxy Value
Molecular Formula:C19H36O3
Molecular Weight:312.49
Iodine Value
≤6 gl 2 /100g
  • Excellent Compatibility with raw material Formula
Acid value
≤0.5 mgKOH/g
  • Increase Thermal Stability,increase the usage of filler
Flash Point
  • Better Heat Stability for Calendaring PVC Range
0.925 g/cm 3@20℃
  • Better Weather Resistance for extending the Aging
Heat Loss
≤0.5 @125℃ /2h
  • Increasing the transparency of PVC
Thermal Stability
≥ 6% @177℃ /3h
  • Increasing Impact Strength and Shinny for PVC Pipe&Fitting
Color Pt-Co
  • Reduce the density of PVC Compound for its low density at 0.925g/cm 3
  • Reducing the usage of total plasticizers mixed to achieve the same viscosity reducing the usage of viscosity depressant for extra cost andaffect pvc product
Refractive Index
1.471-1.475 @25℃
  • No need to change the exit formula,only replace primary plasticizer in best ratio
325-400 @25℃ ,m.pa.s